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Samurai figures.


Item as described. About 1 month delivery time . Very good detail.

Ron S.

Warriors and Battles. Soviet border guard vs spies and saboteurs


Howdy ! This is Mike Hill.

I bought flat plastic soldiers from you and I want to thank you for the fast service and excellent products !

Mike Hill

HingFat (DGN). WW2 Russian Red army infantry


Perfect toy soldiers! I’m happy found wide range of Hing Fat with all poses in each set.

sincerely yours

John Lawman

Caesar miniatures 1/72. Lord of the Rings Elves and Gondorian warriors


Treasure cave for true 1/72 collectors! I found here rare Caesar Miniatures promo-figures.

Fast and trustworthy service.

Clark Benson

Goliath winter uniforms.


Very happy with the figures and the delivery.

Frank Waite

Basevich. Russian medieval Druzhina (Prince’s Retinue)


Reliable store with great goods! I will definitely buy more from you.


Mike Freeman

Publius. Wild West Cowboys (“Once at Ranch”)


Wonderful life-like set ! I’m very pleased.

Mike Marlow

Plastic Platoon AWI Cannon


Excellent company to deal with – no problems.


Package Received


My order of Warriors & Battles semi-flat toy soldiers arrived in Southern California today. I consider the turn around time to be prompt considering the distance covered. The items were professionally packaged, designed to protect the items within. I am highly satisfied with the transaction and will order from this seller again. Highly recommended.

Paul Collins

War Maidens by Warhansa


My package arrived in good time and in great condition. The figures are exactly as pictured and I like them very much. Nice size and sculpt and I like color. I will definitely buy from this shop again.

Joseph Reeves