Publius. WW2 Russian Generals

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Publius WW2 Russian Generals. 8 figures in 8 action poses with colorful box. Green color. 60mm scale.

Eight famous soviet WW2 military leaders (on main photo from left to right) :

Georgy Zhukov. Chief of the General Staff
SemyonTimoshenko. Soviet military commander
Aleksandr Vasilevsky. Deputy Minister of Defense
Klim Voroshilov. Marshal of the Soviet Union
Joseph Stalin. Political Leader of the Soviet Union
Konstantin Rokossovsky. Marshal of the Soviet Union and among the most prominent Red Army commanders of World War II
Leonid Govorov. Soviet military commander, rose to command an army during the Battle of Moscow.
Semyon Budyonny. military commander during the Russian Civil War and World War II

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