Tehnolog. Full batch of fantasy sets (10 sets)

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All FANTASY sets made by Tehnolog in one lot. 47 toy soldiers in 47 action poses. Colors may vary

Centaurs (4 figures)
Guardians of Darkness (5 figures)
Dwarves (5 figures)
Wood Elves (5 figures)
High Elves (5 figures)
Minotaurs (4 figures)
Orcs (4 figures)
Paladins (5 figures)
Skeletons (6 figures)
Verewolfs (4 figures, not showed on group photo)

Good matching with other famous brands such Marx, Conte, Timpo, DFC, Replicants, Reamsa, Starlux and others.
Please note : Soldiers of other brands do not included in this lot and showed for comparsion only.

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